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6th June 2021

1. Govt. sends ‘one last notice’ to Twitter to adopt new IT Rules: Informative reading

2. G7 nations agree on uniform minimum corporate tax : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

3. Siltation affecting width of waterways in Mumbai: study : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Environment pollution

4. Pakistan makes progress on terror finance ratings : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Important International institutions, agencies and fora- their structure, mandate-FATF

5. Emergence of order from chaos in turbulent systems and Bose-Einstein condensation : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Science and technology

6. Study points to pileup of biomedical waste : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Disaster-Environmental effects of pandemic

7. First human infection of the H10N3 bird flu : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : General Science

8. The coming together of the powerful five : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

9. What is a global minimum tax and what will it mean? : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Mobilisation of Resources