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4th December 2020

1. UN decides cannabis not a dangerous narcotic, India too votes to reclassify (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Science and Technology

2. Core issue in LAC standoff is need to follow all pacts: MEA (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood-relations

3. First-ever study has grim prognosis: native squirrel could vanish from NE after 2050 (CSAT-1)

UPSC Syllabus : Biodiversity

4. Personal choices, the Constitution’s endurance (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Fundamental Rights

5. In farmers’ protests, the core is procurement (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Transport and marketing of agricultural produce and issues and related constraints

6. The Iran challenge: On Joe Biden’s Tehran Policy (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

7. Does India’s neighbourhood policy need reworking? (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood-relations

8. Two homes for trans children in Bengaluru (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections of the population by the Centre and States

9. ‘Carefully monitoring’ Brahmaputra developments: India (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighbourhood-relations

10. Not using masks flouts fundamental rights: SC (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Fundamental Rights

11. Speak for all religions, India tells UN (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Important International institutions, agencies and fora, their structure, mandate

12. Lottery, gambling and betting taxable under GST Act: SC (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian Economy-GST

13. Iran moves to step up nuclear enrichment (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

14. Cyclone Burevi hits northern Sri Lanka, 12,000 people affected (GS-1)

UPSC Syllabus : Important geographical phenomenon: Cyclones

15. U.S. to block import of ‘slave labour’ cotton from China (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

16. Economy firmly on the path of a V-shaped recovery, says govt (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian Economy

17. Services PMI signals rise in activity for a second month (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian Economy