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24th February 2021

1. PM Modi’s acknowledgement of role of private sector, in Parliament, is welcome : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian economy

2. Why PM NarendraModi is right about private sector wealth creators : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian economy

3. What is NITI Aayog’s draft national policy on migrant workers? : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : mechanisms, laws, institutions and Bodies constituted for the protection and betterment of these vulnerable sections

4. Indradhanush 3.0 to fill gap in immunisation : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Health

5. Mizoram group seeks asylum for coup-hit Myanmar villagers : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood-relations

6. Writing more of India into Tibetology : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood-relations

7. After the coup : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

8. The excise duty-fiscal policy contradiction : (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Government budgeting

9. Being petroleum-independent : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Energy

10. A proper transfer policy needed : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Important aspects of governance, transparency & accountability and institutional and other measures

11. ‘Terrorism is a crime against humanity’ : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Security challenges - linkages of organized crime with terrorism

12. DAC clears bids worth ₹13,700 crore : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Security- Indigenization of technology and developing new technology

13. Facebook to end Australia news blackout : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Current events of international importance

14. Paris raps Pak. over Alvi remarks on French Bill : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Current events of international importance (Read about anti-radicalism bill)

15. ‘Pharma exports to Arab nations cumbersome’ : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India's Relations with the Gulf Countries

16. Govt. to review antidumping duty on Chinese steel products : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian Economy-Balance of trade (BOT)-WTO

17. Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs a negotiating, not a criminal, process : (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations