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23rd March 2021

1. Amid protests, LS passes GNCTD amendment Bill (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian polity

2. Getting it right on the LAC disengagement (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood- relations

3. The way forward (CSAT-1)

UPSC Syllabus : Right issues-Current events of international importance

4. No rights despite reforms (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora

5. An unconscionable act (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood- relations

6. Patriotism can’t be revealed by a gross physical act: HC (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian polity

7. LS nod for Bill to increase FDI in insurance (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian economy-FDI

8. Gandhi Peace Prize for Mujib and Sultan Qaboos (CSAT-1)

UPSC Syllabus : Current events of national importance

9. U.P., M.P. sign agreement on Ken-Betwa interlinking work (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Different types of irrigation and irrigation systems storage

10. Why stop at quota, asks SC judge (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian polity

11. U.S. sanctions 2 Chinese officials for ‘rights abuses’ (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

12. Riyadh presents ceasefire plan to Yemen’s Houthis (CSAT-1)

UPSC Syllabus : Current events of international importance

13. Centre readies draft plan for district-wise export promotion (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian Economy and issues relating to planning

14. ‘Workers in govt. contracts must possess skill certificate (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation

15. The United States in Afghanistan, 19 years later (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : International relations

16. Indo-Pak and Indo-Bangladesh: a tale of two relationships (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood- relations

17. Listen to Mizoram (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : India and its neighborhood- relations