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11th March 2021

1. How FPOs can help small and marginal farmers (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : e-technology in the aid of farmers

2. What NIO scientists mapping genomes in the Indian Ocean hope to learn (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Science and technology

3. Kerala HC restrains Centre on IT rules (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian polity-Article 19

4. Stick to code, Karnataka HC tells media (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian polity-Article 21

5. Haryana government defeats no-trust vote (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Indian polity-No Confidence Motion

6. A case for a revamped, need-based PDS (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Public Distribution System objectives, functioning, limitations, revamping; issues of buffer stocks and food security; Technology missions

7. Regulation redux (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment

8. Work on floating solar power plant in final stages (GS-3)

UPSC Syllabus : Energy

9. Cabinet clears fund for health care (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Health

10. China hopes Quad meet will be ‘conducive to peace’ (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus :

11. UNSC slams Myanmar violence (GS-2)

UPSC Syllabus : Various Security forces and agencies and their mandate